Stand up Paddle Board Hire Package

Open your bag to find a board, a paddle, a leash, waterproof bag, a pump and instructions.  The Paddle Spot Guide is e-mailed in advance to help you plan.

The Board

Currently we stock the ever versatile Red Paddle Co Ride Boards (10’6 & 10’8).  They are inflatable Boards which offer amazing all round performance with convenience for transport and storage.

Red Paddle Co specialises in inflatable boards and it leads the way in developing the technology.  The Boards are stable, track well for longer journeys and are maneuverable enough for messing about in small waves, making them ideal for beginner to intermediate paddlers looking for a variety of experiences in Cornwall.

The Paddle

Paddles make or break an experience.   We stock Red 3 piece Vario Glass paddles, they are light allowing for extended paddling time and they perform well cruising and in surf.  The length of the paddle is fully adjustable and they separate to fit into the bag.

A Leash

The leash should be worn at all times to stop you getting separated from the board.

A Water Proof Bag

Suitable for a mobile phone or small camera.  It is recommended that you take your mobile phone with you on longer journeys in case of an emergency.  Please test the bags carefully as we cannot take responsibility for damage to electronic goods.

A Pump

For fast inflation to 18 psi, ensuring that you spend as much time on the water as possible.


The instructions include how to inflate and deflate the board as well as advice on some basic paddling techniques.  Additionally there are instructions printed on the pump.

Paddle Spot Guide

With over 20 years paddling experience in Cornwall canoeing or paddle boarding, we have discovered some breath taking launching spots and we want to share them with you.  The Guide details sites included in Places to Paddle, but it also details some of the slightly harder to find and special sites.

The Guide tells you about local amenities, conditions, the types of Paddle Board activity and issues of safety.  Everything you need to know to help you to choose your adventure.

We would also love to hear all about your discoveries and any feedback on the spots we have chosen.

Hire Prices