SUP Safari

Marine Eco Toursim in Cornwall

We regularly enjoy encounters with wildlife on all of our Stand Up Paddleboard Tours and everyone cherishes the experience so much that we designed the SUP Safari, giving a little more time to hang out and admire.

3.5 hour SUP Safari

£50 per person

Own board - discount 20%

Suitable for novice to intermediate paddlers.

A different experience every time.

The curious Atlantic Grey Seals are considered rare world wide and yet with 34% of the world’s population in Cornwall, they can be seen regularly and are the stars of the SUP Safaris.

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Coastal SUP Safari


Seals, Sea birds. Shoals of Fish, Jelly Fish and the occasional pod of dolphins

Launch from one of our stunning locations, which the seals favour, probably because it is exposed and has shelter nearby, there is a headland, rocky outcrop and a tidal race providing lots of food.

Paddling out past many sea birds discussing whether it is a Shag or a Cormorant, identifying the different Seagulls enjoying the dramatic view and not forgetting to look under the board.  In our favourite glassy sheltered spots it is like flying over the seaweed and rocks which are home to many fish.  A keen eye can spot a spiny starfish, 7 is the record.  Bring your snorkel or swim goggles.

A jellyfish bloom can cause an abundance of colours, shapes and sizes (last year the compass jellyfish was around for weeks), or there is the less common Barrel jellyfish travelling with its entourage.

The whole group will scan the water for a seal bobbing up.   If a seal is spotted then a quick float and break to study its behaviour careful not to to disturb it or distract it for too long.  Further afield everyone keeps an eye out for dolphins or at the right time of year the enormous docile Baskin Sharks.  Bird feeding activity and the oily trails in the water can provide a clue.    

There is always time for a break on a secluded beach for a bit of rock pooling and to take in the environment.

River SUP Safari


bird watching, oysters, shoals of fish and seals

On a typical SUP Safari wildlife spotting starts from the shore as buzzards can be seen flying through the trees at this picturesque launch site.  Heading from the launch site picking our way through the shallow channel passing wading birds such as Egrets feeding on the mud banks.  Grey mullet can be seen breaking the surface all around the boards.  As we get to standing we spot majestic Herons and noisy Oyster Catchers.  

Everyone keeps an eye out for fleeting glances of Kingfishers, we know just where to look.   We pass the Mussel farms which is a popular area for seals and as we reach Carrick Roads we keep an eye out for them feeding on the nutrient rich bank created by the fast flowing tide.  

Taking a break to enjoy the stunning backdrop, we play who can spot a crab or find the biggest Oyster, which are lying on the stony beaches.  Finding a Mermaids Purse is always a joy.

Suitable for all abilities.

'The Closest Seal Encounter Yet'


Wildlife-safe Watching Eco Tourism

SUP in a Bag is committed to protecting the Oceans and it’s precious inhabitants. As members of the WiSE Scheme we have signed up to Wildlife-Safe Watching.

Amanda Leonard is a British Diver Marine Life Rescue medic on call for any live strandings of Whales or Cetaceans or for ill seals.

SUP in a Bag also undertakes regular litter picks particularly focussing on less accessible areas of the coastline.