Enjoy a Cornish Sunset on a SUP

2.5 Hour Stand Up paddleboard experience

£40 per person

Gift Certificates Available

Every Stand Up Paddleboard Sunset is different 

Enjoy a firey Sunset

Or a tranquil all hues of purple

Available as a Group SUP Tour or Join a Tour Experience

Upcoming SUP Tours & Tasters

Sunset sessions are available for all levels of ability and you can choose from locations on the River or the Sea.

Enjoy a classic SUP in a Bag Tour as the sun sets.

Why paddle at Sunset?

As the day ends the beaches clear of people, the wind drops and the water becomes calm reflecting the changing colours as the sun starts setting.  Each sunset is different:- 

  • On the sea you can often see the thrilling moment that the sun goes down and sometimes the sky and sea appear to join and appear to be on fire.
  • On the River at dusk the waters calm and become glassy, the clouds reflect and the noise of the birds rises as they go to roost.

Why not tie in with a beach BBQ or cold drink at a Waterside Pub overlooking your paddle?

Choice of Launch Locations

  • River Fal, Truro & Falmouth
  • The Gannel Newquay
  • Portreath & St Agnes on the North Coast

Find out more about the launch locations

sunset on fire.jpeg
sunset st agnes.jpeg