The Lizard - Porthallow, Porthkerris and Porthoustock

Stand Up Paddle Board on the Lizard, Cornwall

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Located on the East Coast of the Lizard, these sites provide easy access to the sea and offer complete shelter from the Atlantic swell (though not south & easterly wind chop).  Approximately 2 miles apart the villages are popular with boat enthusiasts. 

The small pebbly beaches give access to a quiet, beautiful and unusually industrialised area of coastline, well worth the journey there.  There are many rocky outcrops to explore.  Particularly notorious is the Manacles, stretching offshore just south of Porthoustock, as the name suggests over 200 boats have been shipwrecked on them.  The Manacles provides home to Marine Wildlife and is protected.

Porthallow Cove is a sheltered part of the East coast of the Lizard.  Backed by the small village this is an idyllic spot for water users, with parking on the beach and easy access to crystal clear waters.  Popular with divers and recreational craft the Cove remains home to a small fleet of commercial fishing craft.

From the water there are views north towards Falmouth bay and south towards the Manacles which stretch out to sea and are home to hundreds of shipwrecks.  The mouth of the River Helford is just north of the cove.

Geologists regularly visit the beach as it is the location of the glacial fault line which separates the Lizard from the rest of Cornwall, and which has driven rock up to the surface. 

There is the option to head north and even enter the contrast of the Helford, but our personal favourite is to head between the villages.

The Team at Classic Cottages came for a beginner SUP Tour from Porthallow last here's the link to the Classic Cottages Blog describing the experience on a day when mist shrouded Falmouth Bay..

Local Conditions Good in all tides.

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Getting there It does take time to get there, it may be worth tying in with a camping trip.  Porthkerris Dive Centre has spectacular views and a private beach which you can camp just above.  

At Porthoustock and Porthhallow parking is on the beach and a donation which includes the launch, is requested for the upkeep of the cove.  Parking is available on the beaches even in the height of summer.

Local Amenities  Porthallow has toilets and a small local shop.  Roskilly’s farm famed for ice cream and near Porthoustock, also has a great café.  Porthkerris Dive Centre has a Café (we haven’t checked it out ourselves).  

Safety  Porthallow is extremely sheltered from a Southerly, the trip becomes more exposed as you head south past the point.  The cliffs are not that high and could leave you exposed to a westerly wind blowing you offshore, particularly true when entering Porthoustock.

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There are many rocks hidden beneath the water, which you would not want to hit or land on.  Keep to the deeper channels.  You pass the dive centre which can be busy with boats and shore dives, look out for people in the water.

Note that much of the coastline is privately owned and the coastal path has even been diverted in land.  While you can physically take out in an emergency regularly along the route, there is no right of way.  

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