Padstow, Dennis Cove

Map of Dennis Cove launch area

Beach, river, estuary or creek, even arrive in style in Padstow.  This location has it all.  Look at the winds and tide and choose a trip for you.  Note the location is very affected by the state of tide and exposed to N,E and S winds .

Located next to the Camel Trail just 1 km from Padstow, you can launch from the small rocky beach or opt to camp at Dennis Cove Farm Campsite which has its own slipway. (Not be confused with the really nice Dennis Cove Campsite just a 100m inland).

Little Petherick Creek is a great trip, near to the put in and more sheltered than the estuary.  A beautiful journey up to Little Petherick, passing egrets and herons in a beautiful landscape.  At big spring tides (once a month) you can reach the Old Mill House pull the board up on the patio for a cream tea (Note I've not managed to time this myself may be worth giving them a call the manager was really encouraging).

To the Beach  and Padstow

(for an Experienced Paddler)

There is s lovely paddle past Padstow to the beaches.  This is busy with recreational motor boats and extreme caution must be taken.  It is only recommended if you understand the maritime 'rules of the road'  A safe route is possible travelling over the sandbank (outside the main channel) and then crossing the main channel just past Padstow.

Be particularly aware of any commercial operations such as the Rock foot ferry.   At busy times the slipways are home to many holiday makers eating pasties,ice creams and crabbing, perhaps to be avoided.

Launch Site There are 3 options

  • the campsite slipway
  • the small beach (a little muddy at low tide) and there is a tight bend on the half a dozen steps leading to it.  Look out for bikes on the Camel Trail!
  • Slipway at the Padstow end of Porthilly View, there is a slipway which appears to be a public slipway (unconfirmed, there is no signage for or against access).

Parking There is free on road parking and a small pull in on Porthilly view.  The pull in provides safe unloading space even if you have to move to park.  This is a hot bed of activity and parking for people doing the Camel Trail and dog walkers.  Get there early.

Facilities Other than the campsite there are no amenities in the immediate vicinity, however there is everything you could want including the 'World's Best Pasties' in Padstow.

Safety This is an extremely tidal area with large sand banks.  This can mean a longer route back, perhaps paddling around a sandbank and needing to paddle upstream.  As the water breaks over the bank it can speed up and create and instant change in conditions.  We paddled in no wind chop in a channel at mid incoming tide, and on our return with the estuary full there was a lot.  If seeking shelter it is possible to walk a little of the Camel Trail and join (or exit from) the Creek.

This a busy area for recreational boats, particularly motorboats with inexperienced skippers, be aware and it is worth sticking in the shallows to avoid the traffic.

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