Maenporth, Falmouth

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This is a calm cove, south of Falmouth.  It is a little quieter than the other Falmouth beaches.  It is a great location to pootle around in or explore the nearby rocky coves.  Explore the wreck of the Ben Asdale wrecked on and tucked behind the rocks just on the East headland.  Perhaps paddling for an ice cream north east at Swanpool. 

Heading west hugging the shore there are coves, caves and beaches.  The clear blue still waters make it a popular spot for snorkelling.   At Rosemullion Head views open of the Helford and stretching along the Lizard towards the Mannacles.

If the conditions allow, a committed journey to Trebah has its rewards with an ice cream on the beach (check for seasonal openings).  A trip to Helford Passage is possible, perhaps a one way with a taxi back.

If the wind is behind you, you could opt to walk back along the stunning coastal path.

Getting there Just 10 minutes south of Falmouth.  Parking is on the beach, pay at the café in low season.  There are some great campsites locally.

Local Amenties there is a café (with great cake) and toilets. 

Safety Beware of other water users especially swimmers and snorkelers.  Look out for rocks in the water if you explore along the coast.  And in a westerly wind it is difficult to get back to shore despite the sheltered journey as the wind is funnelled by the cove.   If you venture out of the cove you may experience wind against tide (chop) and increased tidal speeds at the headlands (this is greatest mid tides).  After Rosemullion head you are exposed to a westerly wind.

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