Loe Beach

Loe Beach

SUP the River Fal & Carrick Roads

Loe Beach over looks the Carrick Roads on the River Fal, with stunning views to Falmouth and out to sea.  It is popular with many different water users, because it provides such a variety of trips.  

Why not travel west to the Pandora Inn, for a well deserved hearty meal on the private jetty of this picturesque thatched pub?  You can land on the small beach to the south. The Sunday dinner is particularly tasty, but be warned its a popular and busy destination.

Or travel east and then north up the River Fal passing Trelissick, discovering creeks, oyster farms and who knows what else, just around the corner.  This is an area steeped in history. Keep an eye out for seals and fleeting glances of kingfishers.  There are lots of picnic spots along the way.

Transport There is parking adjacent to the beach but as with many places in Cornwall, get there early to secure your spot.  Previously the cost of launching paddle craft has been included in the reasonable price of parking, but this may change. There is very limited alternative parking if the car park is full.  If you have access to two vehicles or bikes why not plan a one way trip taking advantage of the wind and tide.  Map of location

Local Facilities There is a cafe and public toilets.

Local conditions Recommended only in light winds unless travelling one way.  The beach is sheltered in northerly winds which is great for hanging out nearby, however be aware that as soon as the river opens up to the Pandora or up the Fal you are exposed.  The tide runs quickly mid tide and so you may want to set off up the Fal before high tide, taking advantage of the current on the return journey.

Safety Wind against tide creates a swell which can be difficult to handle on a SUP, this can be found heading away from shore into the channel when the tide is strong (an hour either side of mid tide is strongest).  A fresh southerly wind drives swell to the Loe Beach.  There are many moorings just off shore, give the buoys and boats a lot of room and look out for other water users.

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