Stand up Paddle Boarding Information - Cornwall

SUP in a Bag is always happy to give advice to paddlers visiting Cornwall, clients and non-clients alike.  Contact us


RNLI In the Surf - Your Guide to Surf Sport Safety  Lots of useful generic information and the Stand up Paddle Board section is on page 20.

local SUP conditions

Always check the local tides, swell, weather and particularly the winds before planning your adventures.  In Cornwall and in most coastal location always check for the specific location and it’s useful to refer to more than one site. They use different forecasting models and so if they disagree or if the forecast changes be alert. Be flexible and ready to change plans last minute, double check on the morning of the paddle. Check out our Journey Planning Guide

Magicseaweed Surf reports including tide times.

Met Office Weather   Find the 5 day forecast. Be aware that the long term forecasts are not always correct particularly when the weather is changeable.

Windy Great for an overview of weather and looking at the wind direction relative to the land and direction of travel. It also has swell forecasts.

Passage Weather This is used by sailors, it provides a real overview and bigger picture.

Wind Guru a favourite site of windsurfers, it includes a swell report.

Tides 4 Fishing gives the tides by location world wide. The link is to falmouth tides.

Information about SUP launch sites

There are details of launch sites on our Places to Paddle page.  Like us on facebook to receive regular updates and recommendations.  Additionally we provide our Paddle Spot Guide when you hire our boards. 

Cornwall Beaches Guide a comprehensive web guide to even the smallest beaches.  The guide includes lots of detail including slipways, if dog friendly and access. This is a great website, it pulls OS Maps, tide information, launch sites and routes together.  A free interactive resource for the paddling community to use and add to.  

Google Satellite Maps zoom in and scout out your journey from your desktop.

Our favourite SUP Instructional Videos

Visit SUP in a Bag You Tube Channel

SUP Instruction - the Basics by Charles Dasher

SUP the Step Back Turn (Pivot Turn) by Sam Ross

How to Paddle through Waves  by Stand Up Paddling TV

How to Catch Waves Stand up Paddle Boarding by XLTV

Red Paddle Co Equipment

Useful videos from Red Paddle Co including inflation and adjusting your paddle.

Waterside accommodation

Stepout of your door and paddle, magical waterside accommodation from camping to cottages on Pinterest.