'SUP like a Local' 

Stand Up Paddleboard

Experiences to Remember

Suitable for all abilities

Available as a Join a Tour, Group Tour or Family SUP

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#GoAnywhere Tours

2.5 hour to a weekend

from £40 per person

These extremely popular Guided Tours explore some of the hidden and inaccessible stretches of coastline.  They are tailored experiences for paddlers who are novice to experienced and who wish to go a little bit further discovering more challenging stretches of coastline.

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SUP Safari - Wildlife spotting

£50 per person half day

Cornwall is rich in diverse wildlife as it provides pristine habitats around the coast and waterways.  Stand Up Paddleboarding offers a great vantage point for wildlife spotting as disturbance is minimal as you quietly glide through the water. We regularly sea seals, herons, kingfishers, cormorants, jellyfish, shoaling fish and occasionally dolphins.

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Paddle to a Waterside Pub

From £40

Turn heads as you arrive at a beautiful waterside Pub by SUP.   You can enjoy lunch or a drink overlooking the water. The envy of other pub goers as you pick up your paddle and gently glide away, hoping that initial wobble is not a sign you are about to create a splash. 


Sunset SUP

 2.5 hours £40

As evening descends the waters become a calm and tranquil place. Beach goers often head home as the wind drops and the water becomes glassy reflecting the changing light.  Sometimes the sea is on fire, other times it turns hazy pale shades of purple, every time is different.

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SUP Weekends

Join us on one of our relaxed weekends.  Choose an experience to suit you.

SUP and Camp available as a Learn to SUP weekend or for paddlers with experience.

SUP Retreats an adventurous weekend with a bit of comfort.

Coastal Journey Planning Camp aimed at competent paddlers wishing to understand more about paddling independently. 

Fun, relaxed and sociable expriences.