Frequently asked questions


What to wear on a SUP is personal choice but we recommend:-

  • Spring: full length wetsuits are best even on sunny days as the water hasn't warmed up yet.  It is always good to bring a wind proof jacket and warm hat even if we stow them in a dry bag.  If you know you get cold it may be worth bringing gloves. 
  • Summer:  a shortie wetsuit is ideal, but plenty of us paddle in summer with a full length wetsuit on.  A wind proof and a hat are always a good idea. 
  • Autumn:  The weather varies so much and the water is warm in Autumn.  We would recommend  a full length wetsuit and bring along spares of a waterproof jacket and hat.
  • On your feet: Stand up Paddle Boarding is easier bare feet, however many people opt to wear wetsuit shoes or old trainers, particularly for launching off rocky shores.

If you require a wetsuit we recommend hiring through Bathsheba Surf Shop in Perranporth and you will receive a discount if you mention SUP in a Bag. 

WHAT SHOULD I take STand Up Paddleboarding?

We will advise you on individual trips, but here's a general guide.

  • On Two Hour SUP Tours Bring a bottle of water (reusable ideally) and small snack.
  • On one way journeys, a change of clothes will be carried with us in a dry bag which we provide. 
  • On some trips there's an opportunity for you to buy ice creams or other refreshment, we will let you know if this is the case.
  • On longer trips picnics may be taken.

Bring a towel for the shore.

How fit do I need to be to Stand Up paddleboard?

If you can walk a couple of miles, without effort then you are fit enough.  We Guide small groups which gives us the opportunity to tailor each journey to the ability of the individuals.

On booking we do ask you let us know about any medical conditions that could affect your ability to take part.  Get in touch if you are not sure and if in doubt consult your doctor. 

I have never Stand Up Paddle boarded before, can I come on a Tour?

Most people on our Tours have never Stand Up Paddle Boarded before or have just participated for a couple of hours on a previous holiday.  If you are water confident and able to swim you will have a great time.   

What happens if the weather is bad on a tour date or when I have hired a board?

Rain doesn't effect us and we have some of our best adventures on days when the weather is changeable.  However if you would prefer to re-schedule we are happy to.

If the conditions are too bad, normally wind above Force 5, we try to find an alternative location or we cancel due to safety considerations.  We offer a full refund and the option to book on another date.

Will I fall in?

Some people manage a whole session without falling in, others get wet.  We feel that everyone should get the opportunity to get wet and so normally at end the session we offer some fun stretch activities, all to make you smile.

What can I do with my car keys and other valuables?

We have a small water proof bag we store inside a dry bag to look after keys.  Water and electronics don't mix, so we don't recommend bringing electronic kit with you.  If you feel you need to bring a mobile phone we have small water proof pouches which we store in a dry bag.

Which of the launch locations is suitable for me?

SUP in a Bag offers the opportunity to learn and explore at the same time.  Have a think about the kind of experience you and your group would like.  It is always easier to learn on the River rather than the coast, but if you have good balance or do not mind falling in you may like a coastal location.  For more information visit the Launch Locations page

I have an idea of the kind of tour or location I would like to undertake, can SUP in a Bag accommodate?

We are mobile and we love to hear your ideas and aspirations, and we will try our best to bring them to life, either on one of our scheduled tours or on a bespoke tour.

Is there an additional charge for a one way trip?

One way trips have a number of advantages:-

  • Cover more ground and see more, paddling with the wind.
  • End in a Pub.
  • A higher tolerance of wind and so less likely to be changed.

The trip usually involves a second car, taxi, train, bike, walk or water taxi.  If an additional cost will be incurred then we would quote for it on booking, or you could arrange it yourself.

We are always adding to this page, please feel free to ask us any question.