2016 in a Bag

2016 in a Bag

2016 has been a memorable year, I've enjoyed the company of so many amazing people, laughed so much and not just at people 'failing' challenges, and I've been privileged to share the waters with seals, sea birds, shoals of fish and occasionally dolphins.  I've generally enjoyed getting away from the crowds, sharing the wonderment and soaking up the sights and sounds of idyllic Cornwall.  

One of my favourite things is to see is people truly loving the experience of paddleboarding, chuffed that they are able to stand and enjoying this new sensation and vantage point.  I am thrilled when I get messages from people who are seeking out more SUP opportunities local to them or are buying a their own kit.

The Baskin Sharks are here

We are very privileged to have these gentle giants visit our shores.  This was a very special encounter with the Basking Sharks just meters from the shore.


Hello, World!

Much care is needed if you are lucky enough to find yourself in the water with a Basking Shark and not disturbing these amazing creatures is so important.  SUP in a Bag is signed up to the Basking Shark watching Code of Conduct.

For more information on SUP Tours in Cornwall

For pictures of our seal encounters

Hanging out with Seals on a Cornwall SUP Tour

We saw 4 seals on a recent SUP Tour from Portreath.  This one took a particular interest in us and seemed to just hang out.  

SUP in a Bag follows good practice in wildlife watching and reports all seal sightings to aid research into and the conservation of seals in Cornwall.   If you want to know more about seals or wish to support their conservation visit The Cornwall Seal Group