Second Hand Red Paddle Co Boards - Rides 2016

These boards are sold

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Everything you need to get on the water.  All Red Ride packages with bags, titan pumps, vario travel Glass Paddles (mid range), leash and repair kit.  

The board packages are sold as seen, it is great if people come and have a look and are really happy with them before taking them away.  Photos and full descriptions can be sent if a visit is not possible.

The Red boards are bomber and have many more years in them, SUP in a Bag regularly upgrades boards.  The board packages currently available:-


  • 1 * 2016 10'6 Ride Stand Up Paddleboard SOLD
  • 2 * 2016 10'6 Stand Up Paddleboard new bag and pump price £620 or used Bag & Pump £600
  • 1 2016 10'8 Stand Up Paddleboard new bag & new Pump £620 or used Bag & Pump £600 SOLD
  • 1 Oct 2015 10'6  SOLD
  • 1 May 2015 10'8 SOLD

The boards look great and will give many years of paddling in the future.  (Lots of photos of the boards in use on Facebook/SUPinaBagUK)

Here is a super critical general review.  The common wear is fine superficial scuffs (only visible up close) under the nose from beach landings.  There is the odd barnacle scratch which goes through the top blue layer of 4 (a picture can be provided of any specific wear).  The leading edge of the fins have marks when you look closely but nothing to affect the performance.  The paddles have some small dinks in the edges and worn graphics on the shafts, they work great and are mid level Glass Paddles (not alloy - worth +£100 new).

Happy to provide more detail on each package if you are interested.  Hire / refund on purchase is a good option.

Once you have your board from here or elsewhere, SUP in a Bag offers Guided #GoAnywhere SUP Tours with a discount for using your own equipment. 

New for 2017 are Coastal Journey Planning days Contact Us for more information.